A mini day and a snake to boot!

May 16, 2014 | 0

The “Miniteers”get together once a month to talk about our projects, share our thoughts, purchases, tutorials and of course lunch, but this month we missed Elizabeth’s (Studio E) company.  Janine and I puttered along with our mini endeavors but was quite the day.  Here is an excerpt from an email she wrote to Elizabeth to summaries our day without her.

“Dear Elizabeth,

You were missed yesterday. Somehow it was a much quieter day – a different balance of personalities no doubt. We did however have a lovely day together and as usual Fatima’s energy and ideas were bouncing around the room.  Watch her space soon for mini French-style coffee percolators and genteel man’s suspenders….. as well as……..a  new and APPROVED method for making the “pousette de marche”!!!

Yes, I have got the knack of it and have become a fevered “basket case”. You will love it! Fatima  probably finished her project last night even though I did not leave till 20 to 9PM, and only then because I remembered Bruce asked me to pick up a drill battery at Home Depot on the way home.
The Home Depot closed at 9.00PM at Parkroyal. I threw all together and raced out the door and down the highway arriving in time to find them open but packing up. A very amiable child (probably 24), took me to the right section, loaned me his phone to call Bruce and then found the item on clearance with a charger for $77 instead of the battery alone for $129!!  Just love those who know their products.
Of course we ate so well – lovely zuchini lasagne and a coconut pineapple concoction that was a showpiece of extravagance on a pedestal glass cake plate. Believe me it was a gastronomic tragedy to see it slide into the food waste bin.  Ah, but that is a story that Fatima and I will tell you when we speak!
 We visited the Garfield – Fatima is making such rapid progress now she has moved on from the stairwell. We  had fun trying to fit furniture into the dining and living rooms. I had such a lovely time seeing the amazing things she has stored away, I felt like I was in a wonderful mini store. We kept speculating how you would fit things in and laughing about your “icy” look while you compose a kinder comment! How can we ever finish our mini house decorating without your input!!  I’m dying to see Fatima let you loose with all her drawers of things and see what you do. Much easier than pushing around furniture in full size.
 Oh, and I do wonder if Fatima has not been sniffing to much off gassing from her “art glass” projects!!  There was a display right across the window sill above the sink. I was about to warn her about it when I saw one in white and clear looked had the appearance of three calla lillies in a vase. Really wonderful.
 We sat in the garden in the afternoon – so pretty. Fatima and I in our garden chairs facing each other working on our baskets. Luna enjoying the spring sniffing about in the shrubs. What’s this, Luna has a snake about a foot long in her mouth – can you imagine the panic. I was frantic that she might kill the snake and Fatima was frantic that the snake might kill Luna. It was a garter snake and I am sure Luna was spitting out the disagreeable flavour of snake pee for the balance of the afternoon. Meanwhile the snake has probably made its way down the mountain to somewhere safer. “
 Talk soon. Lots of love Janine

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