March 7, 2014 – Seattle Show update and purchases

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The road to Seattle Miniature Show started with a snow warning in my area and a long trip down.  But, my friend Elizabeth and I had been looking forward to it, a little snow was not going to prevent this from happening.  And so 3 and a half hours later, there we were.  It is always such a treat to see familiar vendors and familiar people shopping with the same goal in mind.  Getting just the right thing to fill a room, a house or stash away for a possible project.  Whatever the reason, one thing for sure, there is always a reason to buy just one more miniature.

Here are some of my purchases:

Beginning with the Produce by Twin Heart.  These are air dry clay and the detail is amazing.

Then pottery by Feltrope Studios – Jason Feltrope 
Wheel thrown and hand built Pottery, in 112th and 1/2 inch scale.  Teapots, platters, mugs and bowls, art vases and planters.  Styles from rustic to refined.  I have purchased from him before at the last show. I love his pottery and you are sure to find just one more that you like and can’t live without. I purchased two pieces for me and one for a gift. Bowl, Terrine, Cake StandI found a couple of great bargains.  Bespaq furniture.  One is missing a tiny door knob and the other is missing a couple of finials at the top.  Since I usually mess around and change furniture, they are perfect for the price!

Bespaq Dresser Bespeq Curio

Since the Garfield will be themed “Christmas” I have been collecting many Christmas items. Well, at least that’s my excuse. Truth is that I love Christmas decorations.  So I bought a lovely detailed Christmas book as well as a Christmas book kit, because I may just run out of the dozens of kits I already have…..oh dear!

They were purchased from Angelika’s Minis – Angelika Oeckl who had a wonderful variety of Vintage Paper Toys, Theater, Books, Games, Enamel and Kitchenware and hopefully the finest and best scissors on earth which I also bought.  She demonstrated how to cut with the tiny scissors, but I do think she has a special gift.

Christmas Book and KitAnd then I found this adorable cabbage patch doll.  I have a couple already, but there’s something about their cute crushed faces I just love.  Sorry, but do not have the receipt and cannot remember the vendor’ name. If anyone reading does know, please let me know.  It seems that Elizabeth had also considered this little cutie, I found out when we stopped for lunch to do our show and tell.  (I love this part of the trip)Cabbage Patch Doll, Spin ToyAnd if I could justify it, I would buy all of Acquisto Silver products. Although in my own house, I have been scaling down how much silver I do have, since it is a horrible upkeep, for my miniature house, I can’t resist purchasing a few little items here and there.  And so to add to my collection I added this Silver sugar tongs.   Yummy!  One day I’ll work up the courage to buy the Teaset.  Sugar Tongs by Aquisto SilverThis year, for the first time there was a vendor selling postage stamps made into puzzles.  They are cut up by scroll saw not lazer cut.  A huge amount of work.  I really like woodworking and appreciate the artistry.  Although the puzzle on the left side is bigger than normal 12th scale the one on the right side, he did with the intention of appealing to the miniaturist.  That being said each piece would represent about 3″ which isn’t far fetched since puzzles do come in all kinds of sizes.  I couldn’t resist.  So I purchase one with the Portuguese stamp and the other is a Gingerbread house.  The artisan is Clif Nelson and he his work can be found on Etsy under Scroll Wood Shop. He has been doing Wood Scroll puzzles of different kinds for over 18 years and this was the first year at the show.

Stamp Puzzles

I purchased the newest flower kit by Jeannie Lindquist – IGMA Artisan – (“Mostly Paper”, book written by Jeannie; electrified/decorated tables; botanical flower kits; flowers and arrangements)  I have purchased them before and have yet to make one.  Maybe one day soon.  I get very excited to share in the joy of other artisans but when it comes to making their kits, it seems I prefer to create my own.  So why is it that I buy them? My challenge is to make them all….one day.  By the way, the made up Poppies were really lovely, and I’m not one that likes a lot of paper flowers.

Poppy (new Kit)I love orchids! The joke is that I keep getting real orchids from friends and family and I keep killing them almost as quickly as they arrive.  So when I find a really awesome miniature orchid I naturally fall in love with it and need to have it.  So after a couple of times going around the different vendors, I finally gave in and purchased the orchid in the flat round vase also from Twin Heart.  They are made with Japanese air dry clay and very detailed.  But wait!  There are two!  Yes….when Elizabeth and I were doing our show and tell, I brought out my purchases and then it was her turn.  Low and behold, she hands me a package from Twin Heart and starts to laugh.  I unwrapped it and there it was a second orchid which she bought me for my birthday just passed. Are we great minds thinking alike?  Love, love, love it!  Thank you my friend Elizabeth.  Never enough orchids and these will last forever.


This last item was a purchase from “Joanne’s”.  We always stop there to see what interesting items we can find to use in our miniature world.  I saw these little containers.  They are filled with crimps in the beading section.  Not quite sure I will use the crimps and might have to find a project for them soon as I paid $9.99 for the four.  But what I did see was plastic containers for my kitchen shelves.  Not quite convinced until I showed Elizabeth and she had the same thought.  Crazy buy, but if you find a discount coupon, they may be a little more reasonable.

Possible pasta containers

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