“Naked without my quilts”Inspired by a hutch – the birth of a roombox

October 29, 2013 | 0

What happens when you join a miniature club for the first time?  I make a “roombox” for the first time!  Obviously, or maybe not so obvious.  Miniature Club of BC does a yearly club challenge/project which coordinates with the Show (West Coast Dollhouse Show & Sale).  The challenges get displayed at the Show.  The year I joined, 2009, the challenge was a hutch.  Use it in any way you want.  And so I did.  I had no idea what the boundaries were.  I wanted to do a hutch to display quilting materials.  Then I wanted to display some quilts and then I wanted to display how they are made.  So my first room was created.

DSC02107 (800x715)You can see here that I gave it electricity.  The fan on the ceiling as well as a little desktop lamp I made are both working.  There are many items in this roombox which I made.  The roombox itself was a wooden box from Michaels with handles on either side, which gave me the openings for the windows. The room is messy and meant to be a quilt room for the busy quilter.DSC02111 (800x580)   There are many details including a cup of tea which has spilled on the sewing machine.  DSC02116 (800x597)The quilt shown here is a miniature version of a “quilt” project I set in motion for the homeless.  The project was called “Sew Warm” and together with a few members of the Soroptimist group I belonged to for 15 years, we made numerous blankets for donation to the “Lookout Community Shelter” of North Vancouver, BC. This project was made by felting 100% wool sweaters and sewing them together.  There is a book on the ironing table which is a miniature version of the instruction s I created for project.  On the shelf (hutch) behind the open book is a photo of the blankets being presented.  So you see, I couldn’t just stop at the hutch.  I had a lot to say, and this was such a great way to do it and I will have it forever.  DSC02117 (800x600)               Oh!  By the way – this won 3rd prize at the show that year!  Even better!

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